Introduction; kinda personal

Hi. I'm Paolo. A little bit about me. I am 39 and live in the United States on in the New England region. I studied theatre in college and entered the workforce as just an entry level grunt doing whatever work I could find. I've always been polite so my first few jobs were working in a cubicle and talking on the phone. about 4 years of that and I was asked by a friend if I would be willing to run the drum department at our local music shop. (I have been playing drums since age 12.) I quit my job and started at the music shop. After that I got into building things, which led to me working in manufacturing for almost 10 years. Without a degree in the subject I made it up to an electrical engineering technician.
My last job in manufacturing ended in July 2020. That job was 3000 miles away from my family AND covid had just taken hold of the globe. So I took a severance package from my old company, claimed unemployment and started learning how to code.

Through the unemployment I was offered a retraining enrollment in a local technical school, which would be done remotely. I seized this opportunity because I thought that would be a great supplement to me learning on my own. So far it has worked out great. They wanted me to first study CompTIA ITF and pass that certification. (I think because you can get your foot in the door with that initial cert at most places.) but soon after passing that I took the MTA database exam. I'm now learning python and it is actually starting to take hold. I'm still not to the point where I can put together anything meaningful but I will get there.

This is my first blog post and I am very new to all this. I hope it's not too cheesy.

More as I learn and grow as a developer. :)


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