A quick primer on LINUX CLI

Linux is Everywhere!🌎

Linux is by far the most widely used operating system you may have never heard of. There is a large chance, however, that you are using it right now, or you used it at some point today. It can configured to look just like windows or mac interfaces. The most tracked use of Linux is server operation and management. The Linux Kernel has made it's way into many of the most complex instrumentation on the planet, as well as some highly basic, yet useful ones.

To download a terminal window to try things out for yourself, go to git.scm.com and download the appropriate release for your OS.

Bash in Git is an emulation of a Unix shell for Linux and Mac OS, so you can use it on Windows as well if you are used to Linux. Git Bash commands are run in Linux, while Windows have Git Shell command line. Source

In this blog post I will cover a few of the first commands that everyone oughtta know while using Linux, or the CLI (Command Line Interface).

Command Line Basics🖥

The first one you want to be trying out is pwd. This is the command to print working directory. In other words you are telling the command line "Hey, tell me what directory(folder) I'm working in right now."

ls is the List command and it does what you'd expect it to do. It gives you a list of all of the items in the current directory.

mkdir is the Create Directory command and it is used to create folders or directories. Being able to do this from the command line probably seem very useful now but once we get far enough in to start passing arguments along with this commands, you will soon see that it's a much more powerful interface, especially for developers. Conversely, rmdir is the command for Remove Directory. I'll give you 41 guesses as to what that one does.

OK everyone, that's all for now. If you liked this post feel free to comment and let me know! You can also feel free to hit me up on Twitter!!

Take it easy out there. If you are just learning, like me, then everything you are learning will start to stick more and more. All you gotta do is stick to it.

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